Hummeln im Mors
Shoulder Bag made from recycled material

Hummeln im Mors

Produkt Informationen

Carrier Bag made of light weaved fabrics with broad carrying handle, bottom and side fold with snap fastener, 60% recycled cotton, 60% recycled polyester. Brand: Continental Clothing
Preis: EUR 19.90

Größe One size
Maß A (mm) 405
Maß B (mm) 400

Keep a green conscience. This easy-going shoulder bag is a stylish companion for trips to the college, the shopping centre and any other every-day activity. And you can always show off your green conscience.

  • light weaved product made of 100% recycled raw material (weight: 220g/m³)
  • bottom and side fold for more storage room, width 4cm (approx. 2”) broad carrying handle, length 80cm (approx. 32”)
  • snap fastener
  • material: 60% recycled organic wool, 40% recycled polyester